The New Digs: Getting Everything Cleaned Up

Hiring the Right Pressure Washing Company for a New Business

When I first started my scuba diving business I went fairly simple. I bought a small building, got set up, and had one dive boat. I personally took out all my clients at that point in the venture.

That was ten years ago, and my business has grown a lot since then. Word has spread and I have clients that come from all over the southern hemisphere.

I had to recently moved into a much bigger facility in the harbor.

The type of facility I was looking for was fairly limited in its parameters and my selection wasn’t great.

The place I found was quite rundown and dirty. Especially the outside was dirty.

There is a pressure washing company in town, and I called on their able services to get the place whipped into shape.

I had a lot of concrete around the building that needed attention. The pressure washing company came in and dealt with all of that filthy concrete. They brought in their surface cleaners, wands, and their worker guys.

pressure washing company

They used 3500 PSI on that concrete and blasted that dirt into a distant memory. The concrete looked so much better when they were done.

They also had an exterior building washing service. They used chemicals under low pressure to clean the outside of the building.

They were able to clean gutters, soffits, fascia, walls, trim, and downspouts. They removed mold, dirt, and environmental pollutants like soot and oils and all that stuff on the exterior of the building. And they were able to remove all of it.

Roof Pressure Washing

The same pressure washing company also did roof cleaning. I have a metal roof and they were able to clean the roof thoroughly and completely.

I found out that they also do tile roof cleaning and asphalt shingle roof cleaning. The company does not use high-pressure. I was glad about that.

I have an asphalt shingle roof on my personal home and I know that high-pressure cleaning would not be good for the granules. Even on the metal roof of my scuba shop, the company used chemicals (which they handle properly) under low-pressure.

The roof of my scuba shop came up beautifully.

It was a lot like this:

When the pressure washing company was done I had a clean exterior, a clean roof, and clean concrete. I was 100% satisfied.

So that’s what I did to get the building in shape. Then I was able to move all of my equipment over from the original building and into the new building. The new setup was so much better because of the increased amount of space.

The new facility was also in a better position in the marina. I now have two dive boats and they can both dock right in front of the dive shop.

I also decided to add a small café on the side of the building.

This has ended up becoming quite a hit.

The café primarily services people who come for their dive excursions but it has also become a place where people from the town will come for lunch or dinner. They like the view.

I serve an assortment of local foods as well as some western dishes. It’s a menu that seems to please almost everyone.

So between the bigger facility, the second dive boat, and the café, my business continues to grow.